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4.3 / 5.0
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・ A tool that can generate high-quality music from text. No advanced techniques are required

・ v3 will be publicly released in March 2024. The quality of music has been significantly improved, and it is now possible to create songs without vocals

・ Speed ​​up has also been achieved, generating two songs of 2 minutes each in about 45 seconds

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2.9 / 5.0
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・ A tool that allows you to create websites without any coding using AI. Basic functions such as button submission can be implemented, not just the interface.

・ You can create a website by providing text in the form of "Comparing ChatGPT and Gemini" or referencing images.

・ Additionally, there are addon features that allow you to intuitively and easily incorporate APIs such as OpenAI, Claude, and Stable Diffusion.

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Screenshot of the site of Create.xyz

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Claude 3をスマホから使える!


様々なLLM, 画像生成AIを一箇所で使えることが魅力。新モデル発表への対応も非常に迅速で、Claude 3も既に使用できる。 無料で毎日100クレジットが発行され、例えばClaude 3 Sonnetであれば、1回5クレジットなので20回も使える。 月$20課金すると、GPT-4やClaude 3 Opusまで使用可能。 iOSアプリもあるので、外出先でいつでもClaude 3...

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Gemini Advanced




現状、精度の高いGemini Advancedを使用できるのは英語での質問・回答時のみ。以下の画像を見比べれば分かる通り、日本語と英語で明らかな精度の差がある。 2/9の公開時に、来週以降日本語で使えるようになると公式発表がありましたが、果たしていつになるのでしょうか…英語ではGPT-4に匹敵する性能だと感じており、期待しています。...

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A Must-See for Beginners! Famous AI Tools

From over 5000 AI tools, pick up the famous ones to try first by category. For those interested in famous tools for other categories, fromhere

Image Editing

You can perform various image editing tasks such as enhancing image quality, increasing resolution, removing backgrounds, and swapping faces much more easily than before.

See AI tools with tag "Image Editing"

Representative AI tools

Text to Speech / Voice Cloning

List tools that can convert text to speech. Some tools come with a 'voice cloning' feature, where you can provide the voice of a particular person, and the tool will read aloud in that person's voice. The use cases vary widely, including creating tutorial videos, adding narration, and producing audiobooks.

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Representative AI tools

Coding Assistance

Tools to assist with code generation, test creation, bug fix proposals, and documentation are included. They greatly help developers improve code quality and enhance productivity.

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Representative AI tools

Art Video Generation

Videos can be generated based on the descriptions, styles, and images entered by the user. There are numerous tools listed that bring a new breeze to the creation of music videos and film works.

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Representative AI tools

Slide / Presentation

You can create a presentation outline from a simple draft, or even generate PowerPoint materials automatically. There are tools equipped with image-generating AI that can produce illustrations for presentation materials, making the slide creation process dramatically more efficient.

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Representative AI tools